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    Diplomacy of the II Republic in Tirana



    Envoy Extraordinary of the Republic of Poland in Athens Władysław Schwarzburg-Günther was accredited in Albania on the 7th of April 1937. The next day he represented Poland in the wedding ceremony of the King of Albania Ahmet Zogu and Hungarian count’s daughter Geraldine Apponyi.

    Władysław Schwarzburg-Günther worked in the Polish foreign service since 1918, among others in the diplomatic missions in Prague, Ankara, Rome. In the period 1931-1935 he was Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Polish Legation in Belgrade. In April 1936 he was appointed Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Polish Legation in Athens. He worked in Athens until the German invasion and occupation in 1941. He remained accredited to the Greek government in London and Cairo until 1942. In the period 1942-1945 he was Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary accredited to the Norwegian government in London. After the war he chose emigration. He was active in the Association of Members of Polish Foreign Service in London and in the Union of Polish Writers Abroad. He worked as lecturer and professor of Polish language and literature.



    Ambassadors and heads of mission in Tirana after the II World War


    1949-1952 – Bolesław Jeleń (chargé d’affaires)

    1952-1954 – Aleksander Skrzynia (chargé d’affaires)

    1954-1956 – Edward Pietkiewicz

    1956-1964 – Stefan Przeniosło

    1964-1966 – Stanisław Rogulski

    1966-1967 – Tadeusz Grodecki (chargé d’affaires)

    1967-1971 – Piotr Głowacki (chargé d’affaires)

    1971-1976 – Aleksander Dzienisiuk (chargé d’affaires)

    1976-1979 – Jan Gajda (chargé d’affaires)

    1979-1983 – Tadeusz Hankiewicz (chargé d’affaires)

    1983-1987 – Jan Siuchniński (chargé d’affaires)

    1987-1990 – Władysław Ciastoń (chargé d’affaires during the years 1987-89)

    1991-1994 – Jerzy Zawalonka (chargé d’affaires)

    1994-1997 – Mirosław Pałasz

    1997-1999 – Artur Tomaszewski (chargé d’affaires)

    1999-2002 – Andrzej Chodakowski

    2002-2008 – Artur Tomaszewski

    2008 -2012 – Irena Tatarzyńska

    2012 - 2016 – Marek Jeziorski

    2016           – Karol Bachura


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