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  • 19 February 2015

    2017, May


    "Tirana Times", 19.05.2017

    "The importance of willingness to save the country even at the cost of resignation from own privileges" by Ambassador Karol Bachura


    2017, April


    "Tirana Times", 07.04.2017

    "Growing Stronger Together: 80 Years of Polish-Albanian Diplomatic Relations"




    "Gazeta Shqiptare", 07.04.2017

    "80 vjet marrëdhënie, ambasadori polak: Farat janë mbjellë, tani duhet t’i rrisim ato"

    "80th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, Ambassador of Poland: "Grains are sown, now it's time to care"



    "Albanian Daily News", 06.04.2017

    Ambassador of Poland - Exclusive for Albanian Daily News: "You Are Responsible for Your Future"




    2016, February


    Gazeta Shqiptare, 15.02.2016

    Ambassador Marek Jeziorski - V4, pjesȅ e rȅndȅsishme dhe e provuar e arkitekturȅs europiane - V4, An Important and Proven Part of the European Architecture




    2015, November


    Europa Magazine, Ambassador of Poland Marek Jeziorski:  Rrezikuan Jeten e Tyre (They Risked Their Lives)








    2015, October


    Tirana Times, 2015.10.01-08 Ambassador of Poland Marek Jeziorski: They Risked Their Lives and That of Their Families in Order to Save Others.











    2015, May


    Tirana Times, 2015.05 08-10 Ambassador of Poland Marek Jeziorski: Albania should stay determined in its EU path







    2015, April


    ORA NEWS Lajme, Interview with Ambassador Marek Jeziorski on occasion of May 3rd Constitution, 1791 National Holiday




    Albanian Daily News, 2015.04.29 Poland's Ambassador Marek Jeziorski in an exclusive inverview for ADN: EU Membership Will Bring Qualitative Changes in Albanian Citizens Life





    Albanian Telegraphic Agency, 2015.04.29 Interview with Ambassador Marek Jeziorski






    Albanian Daily News, 2015.04.22 Ambassador of Poland Marek Jeziorski: The Importance of "Warsaw 44" Movie





    2015, March


    "Gazeta Shqiptare" 2015.03.27 Jeziorski: Poland supports Albania in the EU Integration Process







    2014, October


    VIZION PLUS, Gjirokaster: On a territorial reform of Albania






    2014, October


    CHANNEL 7 GJIROKASTER: Visit to Gjirokaster.





    2014, October


    ORA NEWS, Shkoder:





    2014, May


    AI REPORT, TÊTE-À-TÊTE: Priorities in Polish-Albanian relationships





    2014, May


    ORA NEWS: EU integration is in the interest of Albanians.






    2014, April


    ORA NEWS LAJME: 223 anniversary of the Constitution of Poland, Ambassador Jeziorski: To strengthen cooperation




    2014, April








    2014, April


    NEWS24, VILA 24: Development of bilateral cooperation and contacts, mutual perceptions of Poles and Albanians, European integration of Albania.


    The interview with Ambassador was carried out in the framework of the very popular Vila 24 morning prime-time program.


    The Ambassador also referred  to the celebration in Poland of important national anniversaries in 2014: the 25th of the political transformation, the 15th of the accession to NATO, the 10th of EU membership.






    2014, April


    GAZETA SHQIPTARE: European commitment of Poland and Polish important anniversaries in 2014 became closer for the Albanians.


    Important 2014 anniversaries celebrated in Poland, 25 years of political transformation, 15th  anniversary of the accession to NATO and 10 years of EU membership, the development of bilateral political and economic relations, 5th anniversary of Albania's membership in NATO, the EU integration process of Albania, as well as strengthening of the international position of Poland - all these important issues were raised in the interview of Ambassador Marek Jeziorski for the widely read "Gazeta shqiptare".


    Answering the questions of journalist Rudina Hoxha, Ambassador declared readiness of Poland to share its experiences with Albania, including on the use of EU funds. Among the other topics there were the preparations for V session of Albanian-Polish Commission for Economic Cooperation to be held this year. Promotion of Polish culture and literature, activities of the Albania-Poland Friendship Association and Albanian Chopin Society were also discussed.


    "I'm impressed by the dynamics of this country, which is changing so fast " - said Ambassador Marek Jeziorski at the end of the interview, talking about his particular most interesting Albanian experiences.




    2014, March


    AGON CHANNEL – Watching: Poland's view on actual political topics, NATO & EU - change of opinions with Dr. Albert Rakipi in Melinda Zaimi's popular programme.






    2014, February


    VISION PLUS, Diplomatic Morning (Nje mengjes diplomatic) with Ambassador Marek Jeziorski


    The interview began with soccer memories – names of Zbigniew Boniek and Grzegorz Lato were reminded by journalists Nolian Lola and Pranvera Borakaj – and concluded with their thanks in Polish.


    A 20-minute conversation held in Albanian focused on issues of great interest for Albanian TV viewers: How come that the Polish ambassador speaks Albanian so well? How is Albania perceived in Poland? What is the pace of the European integration process of Albania? The ambassador highlighted what unites the two countries and peoples, spoke about tourism and bilateral relations, foreign policy, important anniversaries in 2014 of democratic changes in Poland and of NATO and EU accession, as well as on positive and useful for Albania Polish experience from the process of integration with the European Union.





    2013, May


    ALBANIAN DAILY NEWS: May the 3rd Constitution Day, European integration, Polish Presidency of the Visegrad Group and Polish-Albanian relations.


    Popular English language newspaper Albanian Daily News run two subsequent large publications: the summary of the meeting of Ambassador of Poland Marek Jeziorski with the editorial board and the interview given by the Ambassador.


    European issues in the context of the integration of Albania into the EU has been an important topic of the meeting Ambassador Marek Jeziorski had with the management of Albanian Daily News that took place on April 30. The wide summary of this event appeared next day in full-page publication.


    The two-page exclusive interview to Albanian Daily News, published in extenso on the eve of the National Holiday - May the 3rd Constitution Day, gave the Ambassador an opportunity to bring to the Albanian reader the historical context of its proclamation and importance for Poland. Referring to the friendly contacts between our two countries and nations the Ambassador traced their history and presented the development of bilateral relations in various fields,  political, economic, cultural and scientific. Referring  to the current Polish Presidency in the Visegrad Group, the Ambassador stressed the importance of European values and common European future. He expressed support for the EU enlargement to include Western Balkans countries and for the European integration of Albania in particular, recalling the experience of the Polish EU accession process.

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