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    Documents required for the impartment of the marriage:

    1. from the foreigner

    • the current shortened birth certificate ( not older than 3 months), translated by the sworn interpreter,
    • the certificate of ability of marriage contraction of the containing, the full name, the date of birth, the civil status, the address (desirable but not necessary), the full name of the father, the full name of the mother (as far as it is possible also the maiden name of the mother). The certificate should contain the sentence - the example: "the citizen X in compliance with the local law has the ability of contraction of a marriage in Poland with the citizen of Poland - Full Name OF THE CITIZEN OF POLAND."

    In case of states where such document cannot be obtained, it is required to obtain a decision granting the ability of contraction of a marriage from Polish Family Court.   This act is possible only in Poland and demands the personal presence

    • passport,
    • certificate of permanent residence,

    Presence of the sworn interpreter during the marriage ceremony is required (unless the foreigner speaks Polish).


      2. from Polish citizen

    • the shortened birth certificate,
    • the assurance - issued by the respective registry stating that there are no hindrances for the marriage contraction,


    If married state will become contracted in compliance with the law e.c. Indian, then the marriage certificate (so that be important on the ground Republic of Poland) demands procedures of the inscription in registers in Poland and obtainments of the Polish marriage certificate.  Inscriptions of the content of the vital record prepared abroad to Polish books takes place in the registry places of residence of the mover.

    If the Polish citizen containing marriage certificate in the foreign registry did not make  the declaration in the matter of its own name, can it make  along with the conclusion for the inscription of the marriage certificate to the Polish - must be confirmed of own hands of the signature by  the Consul or  the notary.

    The motion for the location of the vital record can be complicated by the privy personally or through the mediation of other licensed person, through the mediation of the consul or the post.

    The person applying for the location of the vital record through the mediation of the consul should submit to the Consular Department personally or dear postal:

    a) the motion for the execution of the act addressed to the proper registry, containing  particularly the information on the place of residence, the relatively last place of residence of the mover in Poland,

    b) the complete copy of the vital record on display by  proper for the place of the concoction of the act the registry; in  case of the marriage certificate such copy should contain the official annotation on the subject the name borne  after the matrimony,

    c) in the situation when married couple did not make  declarations about surname after containing  of the conjugal relationship names, can this declaration make  before the consul, what demands concoctions of the official record and conclusion for the transcription of the marriage certificate,

    d) the translation in/ the copy on Polish, perfect by the sworn interpreter or the Polish consul.

    Documents should be introduced in the form of the original or the copy of the vital record, the average waiting period on the settlement of the motion through the mediation of the consul carries out 3 months, the cost of the mediation of the Consular Department.

    Locations of the marriage certificate without the mediation of the Consular Department it demands:

    - sending to the proper registry of the complete marriage certificate along with the translation on Polish by the sworn interpreter (the translation can be perfect in Poland).

    - in this instance it does not consist the example of the composite declaration before the consul about the name. The consul can only certify of own hands of the signature of the person which the declaration about surname after containing of the conjugal relationship to the name (with certified signature) will deliver to the person along with the foreign vital record. The signature can be also certified on general rules i.e. by the notary in compliance with the law to local.

                Inform politely, that regulations concerning vital records are contracted in the Law from 25 February 1964 with changes - Family code and protective.


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