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    A citizen, who was born of Polish parent(s) outside of Poland and/or has never possessed any documents proving their Polish citizenship (e.g. a Polish passport or ID),

    can obtain an official certificate confirming his/her Polish citizenship or its loss. The Citizenship Sections of the Provincial Governor Offices in Poland are eligible to issue a decision confirming Polish citizenship or its loss. The citizen is allowed to apply for the Polish passport at a Polish Consulate with such a certificate.


    Confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss is granted by a Provincial Governor (Wojewoda). An applicant residing outside of Poland submits an application through the Polish Consulate that serves the state of his/her permanent residence. Documents are verified by the Consulate and forwarded to the Citizenship Section of the Provincial Governor Office in Poland appropriate for applicant's last residence in Poland. Provincial Governor Office in Warsaw (Mazowiecki Urzad Wojewodzki) has the jurisdiction in the cases of those applicants who have never resided in Poland.


    ATTENTION: Documents must be presented in original. Photocopies of documents are accepted but each copy of a document needs to be confirmed by a consul  with an original (copy can be confirmed by notary Public but must have an "apostille" certificate attached). Foreign documents if presented in copies must have an "apostille" certificate. Documents if not in the Polish language must be translated into Polish.  Each translation has to be certified by a consul.

    1.       An application form - a request to a Provincial Governor (Wojewoda) for confirmation of citizenship;
    2.       A personal questionnaire;
    3.       A statement certifying whether an applicant has ever officially renounced his/her Polish citizenship before;
    4.       A curriculum vitae (resume) in Polish, signed by the applicant, containing the following information: place and date of birth; name and surname as stated in a birth certificate; parent's names; marital status; learned and practiced profession; position held, the last place of stay in Poland (with an accurate address); the date of leaving Poland; information about documents on the basis of which the applicant departed from Poland;  date and  place of a marriage; data about a spouse and children; countries of previous residence before coming to the United States; any other information proving ties with Poland; name and a surname changes; information about his military service;
    5.       Copies of documents proving all facts asserted in a resume, including, but not limited to:
    • A certified copy of birth certificate;
    • A certified copy of marriage certificate or any other document certifying applicant's marital status;
    • A previously held Polish passport or its copy;
    • Documents proving Polish citizenship of the applicant's parents or ancestors;
    • Any military documents belonging to the applicant;
    1.       A copy of a Polish passport or a "travel document" on the basis of which the applicant left Poland (for applicants born outside of Poland - their parents documents). If the applicant does not possess such documents, he/she is obliged to inform about this fact in writing;
    2.       A certified copy of a current valid passport;
    3.       Documents proving any legal changes to a name, if such were made since the departure from Poland;
    4.       A document proving  citizenship (a certified copy of a naturalization certificate and/or a passport;
    5.       1 passport photo.


    Procedure takes usually 8-12 months from submission of the complete application to one of the Provincial Governor Office (Wojewoda) in Poland.


    • All forms and declarations should be filled in the Polish language and contain a date, place of their submission and an applicant's signature;
    • All documents in a foreign language should be translated into Polish and are subject to confirmation in the Embassy or Polish Consulate appropriate for the place of execution of document in a third country;
    • Documents submitted to the Consulate will not be returned and can not be used for any other purposes;
    • Consular fees are paid on initiation of the procedure. Regardless of the result of the whole procedure, fees are not refundable;
    • If both spouses apply for conformation of Polish citizenship, each of them fills in a separate application, writes his/her own resume and encloses all documents separately;
    • After verification of the case Embassy may require some additional documents;

    Procedure will be started after submission of complete documentation. If an applicant is unable to prepare all documentation properly (e.g. does not speak the Polish language or does not know how to obtain the records) he/she may require legal assistance of a professional lawyer.

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