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  • 6 September 2017

    A View from Krakow on EU-Poland Dispute: Professor Tadeusz Czekalski of Jagiellonian University for "Albanian Daily News" on "Role of smaller countries to define EU's future".





    2017, September


    "Albanian Daily News", 06.09.2017

    "Role of smaller countries to define EU's future" - A View from Krakow on EU-Poland Dispute

    by Professor Tadeusz Czekalski of Jagiellonian University




    2017, June


    "Milosao", 18.06.2017

    "Si të përballesh me të shkuarën në modelin polak"

     „How to face the past in Polish mode”





    2017, July


    "Albanian Daily News", 21.07.2017

    "Regaining the Citizens' Respect for the Judiciary"





    "Albanian Daily News",  06.07.2017

    "US President on Visit in Poland - Take Inspiration from Pole's Spirit"




    "Albanian Daily News",  05.07.2017

    "The 3 Seas Initiative"



    2017, June

    "Albanian Daily News",  30.06.2017

    "Polish Ambassador Hands Over V4 Presidency – Achievements, Challenges of Visegrad 4"




    "Albanian Daily News",  20.06.2017

    "Albanian Homage to Oscar Winning Director – Wajda’s Legacy"




    2017, May


    "Albanian Daily News",  31.05.2017

    "Ties from Skanderbeg Epoch to Modern Times"



    "Tirana Times", 19.05.2017

    "The importance of willingness to save the country even at the cost of resignation from own privileges" by Ambassador Karol Bachura


    "Tirana Times", 05-11.05.2017

    "Poland and Albania: Connected by the same spirit of freedom"



    2017, April


    "Tirana Times", 07.04.2017

    "Growing Stronger Together: 80 Years of Polish-Albanian Diplomatic Relations"



    "Gazeta Shqiptare", 07.04.2017

    "80 vjet marrëdhënie, ambasadori polak: Farat janë mbjellë, tani duhet t’i rrisim ato"

    "80th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, Ambassador of Poland: "Grains are sown, now it's time to care"



    "Albanian Daily News",  06.04.2017

    Ambassador of Poland - Exclusive for Albanian Daily News: "You Are Responsible for Your Future"




    2016, December


    "Albanian Daily News", 27.12.2016

    Dr. Piotr Bajda: Warsaw and Tirana Need an Idea.


    "Albanian Daily News", 10.12.2016

    PM Beata Szydło in Tirana: Poland Backs Opening of the Negotiations.




    2016, October

    „Albanian Daily News”, 04.10.2016 online edition

    Speaker Meta: Poland, Albania's Important Partner in EU


    2016, July

    „Tirana Times”, 08.07.2016

    Lutfi Dervishi - NATO Summit, where the Warsaw Treaty was established.


    2016, June


    Mapo, 18.06.2016

    The Historical NATO Summit Warsaw 2016 – the opinion of well-known journalist Lutfi Dervishi in Gazeta Mapo, 18.06.2016.




    Tirana Times, 10.06.2016

    Poland Supports Albania's EU Integration, Polish FM Says.



    Panorama, 08.06.2016


    An Interview of Foreign Minister of the Republic of Poland Mr. Witold Waszczykowski for “Panorama” Daily.




    2016, May


    Panorama, 02.05.2016


    Bujar Leskaj, "Mazurkat historike te Polonise" - "The Historical Mazurek of Poland".


    The Historical Mazurek of Poland – Head of Albanian Supreme Audit Office Bujar Leskaj in „Panorama” daily on May 2, 2016 about Poland, collaboration with Polish Supreme Audit Office (NIK) on the eve of Poland’s National Day – 255 anniversary of the 3rd May Constitution of 1791.






    2016, March


    Gazeta Shqip, 21.03.2016


    Monika Stafa in Shqip newspaper – articles on Poles who saved Jews during the II World War and on the opening of the Ulma Family Museum in Markowa





    Tirana Times 18.03.2016

    Ulma Family Museum Opens in Markowa





    Albanian Daily News 17.03.2016

    Righteous Among the Nations. The Ulma Family Museum in Markowa.





    2016, January



    Gazeta Shqiptare, 10.01.2016

    MILOSAO, Essay

    Ben Andoni – Edhe një herë për Shimborskën






    2015, December


    Gazeta Shqiptare, 27.12.2015

    MILOSAO, Review

    Arian Leka – Wislawa Szymborska






    2015, October


    Shqip, 18.10.2015

    Fati është me ata që nuk dorëzohen.









    2015, September


    Shqip, 27.09.2015

    Ata rrezikuan jeten e tyre – They Risked Their Lives






    Albanian Daily News 29.09.2015

    Important Part of Polish-Jewish Relations History




    Albanian Daily News 29.09.2015

    „They Risked Their Lives” Exhibition at National History Museum





    Gazeta Shqiptare, 05.09.2015

    Interview of Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Mr. Konrad Pawlik





    2015, July


    Telegraf, 14.07.2015


    Prof. Arqile Teta: „An heritage of Polish geologists in the geology of Albania. The Stanislaw Zuber’s legacy".




    Ben Andoni: „Gdańsk… here the Middle Ages’ spirit still alive!”

    Java Magazine, 18.07.2015





    Ben Andoni: "Being a dissident: Made in Poland"

    Java Magazine, 11.07.2015




    Polish Ambassador to Albania Honors the Sculptor Mumtas Dhrami

    Albanian Day News, 11-12.07.2015




    Interview of Mrs. Anna Nehrebecka-Byczewska for an Albanian ABC News television station.

    ABC News TV






    The talk-show recalled Mrs. Anna Nehrebecka-Byczewska’s artistic work in Albania, the Polish and Albanian historical memory in the context of the democratic transition in both countries. Mrs. Anna Nehrebecka-Byczewska responded to Elsa Demos’s questions about artistic accomplishments and activity in Warsaw local government.






    Nishani Decorates Polish Actress Anna Teresa Nehrebecka-Byczewska.

    "Albanian Daily News", 01.07.2015






    2015, June


    Prominent "Standard" on Anna Nehrebecka, the female lead actress, and Kujtim Çashku, the director of the movie "Colonel Bunker" - Albanian-Polish-French co-production, 1996.





    Polish Embassy in Tirana Honors Figure of Mazowiecki in a Special Ceremony - Tadeusz Mazowiecki Bas-relief Unveiled in Tirana


    First Polish Non-Communist PM Honored at Tirana Ceremony

    "Tirana Times" June 19-25, 2015







    Polish Embassy in Tirana Honours Figure of Mazowiecki in a Special Ceremony - Tadeusz Mazowiecki Bas-relief Unveiled in Tirana - Tadeusz Mazowiecki, first non-communist prime minister in Central and Eastern Europe after WWII.


    "Albanian Daily News", 2015.06.18







    2015, May


    Poland's Experience on Local Govermental Reform Enveiled in Tirana


    "Albanian Daily News", 2015.05.16-17






    Ambassador of Poland Marek Jeziorski: Albania should stay determined in its EU path


    "Tirana Times", 2015.05 08-10








    2015, April



    Polonia të hapur për bashkëpunim ushtarak - Poland: open to military cooperation with Albania


    "Gazeta Shqiptare", 2015.04.14







    2015, March



    Jeziorski: Polonia mbȅshtet Shqipȅrinȅ nȅ procesin e saj tȅ intergimit europian - Jeziorski: Poland supports Albania in the EU integration process


    "Gazeta Shqiptare", 27.03.2015. 






    "Europa" Magazine: Bota pȅrkujton 70 vjetorin e çlirimit tȅ Aushwitz - The world remember the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz




    2015, February




    Polonia dje, Polonia sot! Një ftesë për Shqipërinë – Poland Yesterday, Poland Today! Inspiration for Albania


    Under this title the national daily newspaper "Gazeta Shqiptare" posted (10.02.) a comprehensive article about Poland by Albanian journalist Ms Rudina Hoxha. Full-page publication presents the assessment and observations after her meetings in Poland within the framework of a study visit to Warsaw organized by the Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, as well as speaks about the Polish experience and achievements of the past decades. In the opinion of Ms Rudina Hoxha, Poland is a role-player and inspiring example for Albania in the process of EU integration.







    US Government Accountability Office (GAO) supports the twinning project of Poland’s NIK & Croatian SAI HR in Albania


    On the occasion of the visit to Washington of Bujar Leskaj, President of State Supreme Audit Office of Albania, US officials positively commented on the twinning project "Strengthening capacities of external auditing" to be implemented in Albania by NIK, Supreme Audit Office of Poland, as a leading partner with State Audit Office of Croatia.







    2015, January


    Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau


    Wide exposure in the central/regional press and TV of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and the commemoration ceremony attended by the President of Poland H.E. Bronislaw Komorowski. On the initiative of the Embassy central newspapers published important articles on the celebration in Poland and on the illustrious personality of Jan Karski – Humanity’s Hero.























    2015, January


    Christmas Tradition In Poland


    Article of Mrs. Teresa Garbacik-Jeziorska, Spouse of Ambassador of Poland, on Christmas tradition in Poland – on the pages of popular “Elite” magazine.






    2014, December


    Jan Karski – Humanity’s Hero.


    Within the framework of the Karski Year’s celebrations in Albania the opinion-making journal „Europe” has published in its No7/2014 an important article on Polish hero of the Word War II Jan Karski and his merits for humanity.






    2014, April-May


    Special edition of the magazine "Europe": #PolskaFree25 and #PolskaEU10.


    Prepared by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in cooperation with Polish authors and institutions. The motto of the publication is "Poland - the European success story". The lead article is "10 years of Poland in the European Union - opportunity sized" by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mr. Radoslaw Sikorski, continued by an interview with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Ms. Henryka Mościcka-Dendys, article of Ambassador Marek Jeziorski "10 years of membership in the European Union – reflections from Poland", a fragment of an essay by Adam Michnik and much more.

    The reader may get interested in the successes of the Polish economy, industrial graphic design, tourist attractions of Poland and essays on the growing presence of Polish literature in Albania.

    Chief editor of "Europe" is dr. Albert Rakipi, President of the Albanian Institute for International Studies. Translations of Polish texts into Albanian was performed by Mr. Astrit Beqiraj.

    We invite You to familiarize yourself with the Polish release of "Europe" in the form of an e-Book!







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