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    The Embassy of Poland in Tirana is aware of (and has contacts with) 47 persons with the  Polish citizenship residing temporarily or permanently in Albania. The composition of our small community is as follows:

    - 6 priests

    - 5 nuns

    - 7 Polish expats on temporary contracts

    - 3 Polish spouses of foreigners

    - 16 members of mixed families

    - 10 Polish family members



    Polish priests are active in their pastoral work in the following cities: Tirana, Shkodra, Fier, Bilaj, Koplik and Bajza.



    A small number of Polish people residing in Albania is the reason of the lack of formal Polish community structure, although representatives of the embassy are encouraging members of Polonia to self-organization. For the same circumstances there are no institutions offering courses in Polish.

    So far Albanian universities and secondary schools, as well as private commercial educational entities were not interested in Polish language courses.



    Annually, some 12-15 young Albanians go to Poland to begin their studies there, which is a significant factor of the promotion of the Polish language and culture in Albania.  After graduating they maintain contact with the embassy, and are organized in the Albanian- Polish Friendship Association and the Chopin Association, taking an active part in various projects and events connected to Poland.



    The Albanian-Polish Friendship Association is chaired by prof. Leonard Zissi, graduate of the Polish university with great command of our language. Among the most important activities co-organized by the Society in recent years (in cooperation with the Embassy) are the meeting of Polish and Albanian representatives of travel agencies, which was attended by more than 200 representatives from Poland, an important contribution to the construction and unveiling of the monument of prof. St. Zuber, co-organization of the Year of Korczak and many other cultural events. Minister Radosław Sikorski awarded to Professor Leonard Zissi the Medal of Honor Bene Merito in recognition of his services in promoting Polish culture and the development of bilateral relations.



    An outstanding artist prof. Anita Tartari is Chairman of the Chopin Association. The Association arranges the annual concerts of Chopin's music. The Association was particularly engaged in 2010 - the Year of Chopin. It also organized in Albania the international Chopin Competition based on the Warsaw competition model and six other events. The Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland awarded to prof. Anita Tartari the Silver Medal Gloria Artis for her merits in the promotion of the Polish culture.


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